Monday, December 19, 2005


The Isle of Dawn is the contested territory that stands between the Empire of Thyatis and Empire of Alphatia. About a 1500 year ago the Tholians inhabited the Isle of Dawn. Their territories fell into disarray and they were struggling to survive the harsh condition of the land. It was at the time Alphatia came in and conquered the Isle of Dawn helping them establish trade and technology to help them survive. 500 years later AY 998 (2 BC) the first great war between the Empire of Alphatia and Thyatis began with the Isle of Dawn as the battlegrounds. Over the next thousand years both Empires have controlled fairly equal parts of the Isle. As such several parts of the Isle have a heavy influence from the Thyatian, Alphatians and Tholians. One such town is Diamond Lake.

Diamond Lake is located three day southwest of the Free City of Newkirk and between the towns of Steaming Springs and Blackstone. Diamond Lake has a population of a little over one thousand residents. Until hundred years ago Diamond Lake was a small thriving fishing village. That was when the first Iron and Silver mines began producing large quantities of ore. Over the next few decades the pollutants turned the crystal clear “Diamond” lake into a polluted foul smelling lake unable to support fish. So ended the peaceful fishing community of Diamond Lake and so began the dirty violent mining town of Diamond Lake. It is said that most resident of Diamond Lake fall into one of two categories: those with nowhere else to turn and those who have come to exploit them.

Six competing mine companies currently run Diamond Lake’s mining community, they make alliance and turn on each other if it can turn a profit or give them an advantage over the other owners. Balabar Smenk, human male, arrived ten years ago from Newkirk and has bought out four other mine owner to become one of the most powerful men in Diamond Lake. Chaum Gansworth, human male, the youngest of all the mine owner runs the most cautious and smallest mine company. Ellival Moonmeadow, Male Elf, called the “The Prince” since he is of minor nobility. Ellival has the monopoly on silver mining and believe himself and his elven contingent to be better than the human mine owners. Gelch Tilgast, human male, until ten years ago was the largest mine owner in Diamond Lake. Luzane Parrin, human female, her husband mines started to falter over the last decade and then two years ago her husband died mysteriously. Luzane has run her mines to the best of her ability ever since. Ragnolin Dourstone, dwarf male, arrived 50 years ago to open his mining company. Ragnolin has several mines in the area, but his Diamond Lake mine is his most lucrative.


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