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Diamond Lake Legend

Diamond Lake Legend:

1. The Emporium (Zalamandras Emporium) Offers a variety of entertainment. Three coppers Gallery of Science (freak show). Three silvers gain access to lushly decorated upper floor which feature a large gaming room, an exclusive entertainment club, opium club, and the infamous Veiled Corridor.
Zalamander owner, Gaspar front door attendant, Kurlag bouncer, Shag Solomon, gentleman, Tom Shingle contortionist, Ariello Klint, magician, Chezabet, fortune teller

2. Lazare’s House Relatively cultured nightspot small entry fee. Offers a gaming parlor (mostly dragonchess), conversation, private tables. Two gold to rent game pieces for dragonchess.
Lazare proprietor, Dannath Lazare daughter.

3. The Feral Dog The busiest alehouse in town because there’s no cover. Mostly local miners. Offers two dogs in lethal pit fights. Dagger throwing contests. Bad ale.
Kullen Half-Orc bouncer.

4. Church of Petra Extremists into whipping themselves so sin committed. Preaches to the poor about virtue, best values, creed of common sense, honesty and self-sacrifice.
Jierian Wierus Head cleric, Hameeneezer Managing Cleric

5. Tidwoad’s Jeweler, closest thing to a bank in town.
Tidwoad Gnome Jeweler

6. Sheriff’s Office Six constables living quarters and a 12-cell jail.
Sherriff Cubbin, Deputy Jamis

7. General Store All the basic supplies
Taggin merchant

8. The Happy Gar Claims to have the best food in town
Guld Tortikan Owner

9. Jalek’s Flophouse Former warehouse now most famous of the cheap sleeping places five copper a night.
Golor Half-orc collector

10. Smeck Residence Run down mansion.
Balabar Smenk Mine Owner

11. Deepspike Mine A mine owned by Balabar Smenk

12. Garrison serves as home to the more than sixty members of the Newkirk militia tasked with patrolling the area southeast of Newkirk.
Captain Tolliver Trask Commander, Dietrick Cicaeda Cartographer, Merris Sandovar Chief Scout, Dobrun Trent Lieutenant, Mikkela Venderin Lieutenant, Trovost Skunt Lieutenant.

12a. Chapel of Thor Patron of Justice and Prowess. Most of the garrison’s soldier are members. On the ground of the garrison. Services open to all villagers
Valkus Dun High Priest

13. Lakeside Stables Stable fees 5 sp per day. Run down building but offers horses protection.
Lauch Faraday half-elf ostler

14. The Midnight Salute House of ill repute. Offers everything from the exotic to the downright cheap. Caters to the garrison.
Purple Proe Proprietress, Constance Grace The Favorite.

15. The Spinning Ghost Two-story tavern most commonly frequented by garrison soldiers. Patrons consider themselves to be honest and friendly.

16. The Captain’s Blade Arms Dealer specializing in masterwork melee weapons.
Tyrol Ebberly Weapons Dealer

17. Venelle’s Arms Dealer specializing in missile weapons
Venelle Weapons Dealer

18. Allustan’s Residence Home of the local wizard. Will answer question for 20 gp per question.
Allustan Mage

19. Tilgast Resience Estate of Gelch Tilgast one of town’s mine owners. Owns a well maintained stables and will stable and care for horses for 1 gp a day.
Gelch Tilgast Mine Owner

20. Old Piers All the remains are a few rotting piers and some mast from abandon boats that have since sunk. Only two boats remaining Autumn Runner owned by Durskin (1sp/person) and The Harkness (3 sp/person).
Harkness Boat Owner

21. Able Carter Coaching Inn Rates are 1 gp per day, Stable services 5 sp per day. In addition the Inn offers coach service to any of the local towns and cities.
Able Carter Owner, Fester Trollump Trapper.

22. Parrin Residence Home of Luzane Parrin owner of one of the mining companies.
Luzane Parrin Mine Owner, Amelliante Maid.

23. Greysmere Covenant Home of several dwarven representatives from Greysmere.
Dulok Blitzhame Representative, Galuth Grobadore Representative, Bitris Ruthek Representative.

24. Gansworth Residence Home of Chaum Gansworth one the mine onwer.
Chaum Gansworth Mine Owner

25. The Rusty Bucket Once famous fish restaurant has since change over to land based cuisine.
26. Moonmeadow Residence Home of Ellival Moonmeadow manages of one of the mining companies. Has lived in Diamond Lake longer than anyone else. Also home of Ellival’s lieutenants all Grey Elves.
Ellival Moonmeadow Mine Owner.

27. Osgood Smithy Manlin Osgood blacksmith of high quality and his seven appretises. Specializes in masterwork armor and household items.
Manlin Osgood Blacksmith

28. Smelting House Only smelting facility in Diamond Lake. Cause of most of the pollutants in the lake.
Vulgan Durtch Chief Smelter, Benazel the Alchemist.

29. Diamond Lake Boneyard Usually watched by green-robed acolytes.

30. Neff Manor Home of Governor-Mayor Lanod Neff.Is constantly adding room to his huge mansion.
Lanod Neff Governor-Mayor

31. Dourstone Mine Owner by Ragnolin Dourstone one of the mine owners.

32. Abandon Mine

33. Menhirs Old worn ring of stone often visited by druids and rangers.

34. Old Observatory Once a astrological observatory for an order of monks.

35. Dourstone Residence Home of Ragnolin Dourstone on of the mine owners. A squat clean manor.


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