Monday, December 26, 2005

Background for Primus and Septimius Perfectus

Primus and Septimius Perfectus didn’t have it all that bad. They had a roof over their heads and three meals a day. Of course the room they shared was above the horse stables that they were required to clean everyday. This certainly gave the brothers all the more reason to keep the stables clean especially during the summer months. The stables were just a small part of the garrison of Diamond Lake. The garrison, a former petty lords keep, is now the home for sixty men assigned to protect the areas southeast of the “freecity” of Newkirk. Primus and Septimius were also able to learn a few skills from the soldiers at the garrison. Both Primus and Septimius both became proficient riders, but each enjoyed different activities. Septimius, the older brother, was interested in the tactics of warfare. Learning how best to read an opponent in battle and how to gain a tactical advantage. Septimius was definitely the better with animal having a knack at calming and controlling the horses. Primus, the younger brother, was the more social of the two. He enjoyed performing in front of people having a talent at juggling. He also enjoyed rubbing elbows with the leaders of the garrison. Unlike Septimius who studied the tactics of battle to gain an advantage, Primus believed that a good weapon is what you need to win a battle have learned some skills about making and using weapons in combat from the garrison blacksmith.
The brothers enjoyed all that they were learning at the garrison. Unfortunately the brothers were making no money and even though they worked at the garrison and learned much from the soldiers, they were not always treated as equals. It was these facts that the brother decided that maybe if they went adventuring might make enough money to become more than glorified stable boys. They decided to contact some people they knew might be the adventuring type and out to make some money. So they decided to contact Agustus a Priest if Ixion and the crazy dwarf named Crag who frequented The Spinning Giant, a watering hole favored by the garrison soldiers.


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