Monday, December 26, 2005

Background for Agustus

Agustus was a devout follower of Ixion. He showed some promise among the new adepts. Agustus received an appointment in Diamond Lake at the garrison. He was told this was a very good assignment for someone so young and that he should be honored. He would be given a room at the Temple of Thor inside the garrison. Agustus eagerly packed his few belonging and caught a coach to his new home. His instructions were to spread the word of Ixion among the garrison and town people and see if you can start a following of Ixion. Upon arriving in Diamond Lake Agustus found two religion already established among the masses. One is an extremist group of worshipers who follow Petra. Their spiritual guide is a bombastic orator named Jierian Wierus. Who endlessly preaches a creed of common sense, honesty, and self-sacrifice encouraging his faithful to give penance by whipping themselves in repetitive acts of self-mortification. The other is, of course, the Church of Thor, of which most of the garrison and a few townspeople were followers. A man named Valkus Dun who even gives his sermons in his Full Plate Armor leads the Church of Thor. Agustus’s liaison was a man named Velias Childman. Velias was incharge of the daily running of the church and any healing the locals might need.
Shortly after arriving Agustus discovered that to create a following for Ixion was not going to be as easy as he had hoped. Those followers of Petra held Jierian Wierus in such his esteem that it was almost as though they were worshipers of Wierus who also happened to follow the teaching of Petra. The second obstacle was that almost everyone at the garrison was such devote followers of Thor it was also as though they were given orders to attend and believe in teaching of Thor. Agustus decided he needed a way to make some money and possible gain some notoriety so that he could try and start a following of Ixion. It was shortly after this realization a miracle from Ixion occurred. The two stable boys, who were not followers of Thor, asked Agustus if he was interested in adventuring. Agustus eagerly accepted and was told he should meet the two brothers at an abandon mine office outside of town in three days.


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