Monday, December 26, 2005

Background for Crag Skullbugger

Crag is not your typical dwarf. For one he is a free spirit who does whatever he wants and doesn’t care what anyone says or thinks. He found at an early age that he was different than the other dwarves around him. Crag has a bit of an anger problem. If Crag had a problem he took care of the problem himself. He usually couldn’t quite remember all the details, but he remembers letting the anger completely consuming him and the power he could feel pulsing through his body. It was these rages that eventually lead to Crag leaving the dwarven home of ancestors and exploring the world on his own. One of the places that Crag found to his liking was the Bronzewood Lodge. Bronzewood Lodge is more or less a huge structure where a bunch of woodsy people go to sing, dance, debate and practice some pagan rituals to some unknown deity of the woods. Mostly it’s a place to crash for a few days and get some food. The person who first invited Crag was an earth guy with a big wolf who went by the name of Kioska. Kioska was one of the few people Crag felt comfortable around at the Bronzewood Lodge. Kioska was a little more understanding than the others when Crag decided to hack a few trees up for fun. Another group Crag met in his wanderings were the followers of Razud. The followers of Razud sometimes called “The Cult of the Green Robe” is a natural loving group who among other interests take care of graveyards in the area. They have a small sanctuary across the lake from the town Diamond Lake. It a nice place to stay for a night or two but they are always preaching about being self-sufficient and take responsibility for your actions. Crag even stayed one night at the Twilight Monastery … never again … makes the dwarves look like a bunch a wild revelers and partiers. Crag has even found a friend in the town of Diamond Lake at the Midnight Salute. Fallon is the only female human who has showed Crag any kindness and affection that he sometimes needs. There is also a cave in the woods that Crag has on a few occasions called home for a night or two.
Crag is always looking to smash something with his Greataxe. It was one of the nights when Crag was drinking it up at The Spinning Giant hoping the soldiers might try and pick a fight with him again, he ran into Primus, the stable boy, who offered Crag an opportunity to kill things and make some money. Crag figured why not kill something make some money to visit Fallon and buy more drinks. All he had to do was show up at some abandoned office outside of town in three days. Crag decided to invite that forest fellow Kioska maybe he’d like to come along or maybe those two tricky guys over at the Feral Dog.


Blogger Crag Skullbugger said...

Aye, I'll tell ye all of the horrors I've seen...and slaughtered! Meet me at the Feral Dog...if ya can't find me there, I've probably taken solace in the fiery nest of my redheaded beauty at the Midnight Salute...

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