Monday, December 26, 2005

Background for Kioska

Kioska has been a member of the Bronzewood Lodge for as long as he can remember. As a full member he has participated in every ritual, rite, sacrament and ceremony numerous times. Kioska understands the importance or these rituals and ceremonies, but has grown bored by all the proceedings. As such Kioska would take off and explore the vast forest and lands near the Bronzewood Lodge. It was one of these wanders Kioska came across a dead wolf and three cubs. They were obviously killed by some human who cared little of the animals of the forest and their rights to live in peace. While performing the proper ritual given to any animal that has died he heard a muffled cry from the brush. Upon further inspection he found another cub with a severe injury hiding under the brush breathing shallow. Calling upon the power of the forest and his will he was able to heal the little cub. From the day forward Kioska and his wolf Frylock were never see apart. Frylock was exactly the kind of change Kioska needed in his life to keep himself from going crazy performing all those rituals. Another encounter Kioska had that keep things lively was when wandering the woods he meet the most bizarre dwarf he ever seen. Of course Kioska hadn’t meet very many dwarves in his time, but this guy was special. For a lark Kioska invited Crag the dwarf back to the Bronzewood Lodge to stir things up a bit with the elders. That’s just what it did. Crag had no understanding of ceremony and the need for the rituals let alone the debates about the forest and the meaning of nature. Crag had a way of upsetting the balance and order of the lodge. Kioska enjoying anything out of the ordinary found it difficult to keep from laughing every time the dwarf showed up or committed what the elders considered an atrocity to the forest. When the dwarf showed up one time he seemed far happier and energetic than normal. It was at this time the dwarf explained how he was invited to go a killing spree in the name of adventuring. Crag invited Kioska to come on the adventure it would be fun. Kioska weighed the options, repetitive rituals and ceremonies or a chance to go exploring with Frylock. It was an easy decision.


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