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June 26th Session 27

June 26th Session 27
The Free City and Forest to the Northwest
Septimius Flavius Perfectus (Mike) Human Fighter-6
Rollo Mojo (Josh) Human Warlock-6
Sandreus III (Ben) Human Bard-5 Fighter-1
Appius Umbrius Laurentius (Michael) Human Cleric of Ixion-6
Miles O’Flannagan (Steve) Human Ranger-5 Master of Many Forms-1
Crag Skullbugger (Greg) Dwarf Barbarian-6
Slyver (Mark) Human Rouge-4/Monk-1 (Cameo)

Tiberius (Jeff) Human Scout-2 Fighter-1 (Deceased)
Shamus O’Flannagan (Steve) Human Ranger-3 (Deceased)
Kioska (Lewis) Human Druid-2 (Retired)
Primus Ironius Perfectus (Steve) Human Cleric-2 (Deceased)
Drake (Jeff) Human Rogue-2 (Not Dead, Indentured)
Agustus (Michael) Human Cleric-1 (Deceased)

On the trip back to the Crooked House Inn the group ran across their old friend and comrade Slyver. Slyver had moved back to the Free City and was up to his usual trouble. They talked a while and though how could they make some quick money. Their first though was to join the Free City Gladiatorial Games. So the group headed back to talk to Eligos and see if he had any contacts that could get them in. Eligos explained that most group sign up months in advance and that the games were already booked. He offered to ask around and see if he could find out any information. Appius decided to approach his church and ask for assistance from the church to get an entry into the games. The church hierarchy told Appius they would look into it as well. The group asked around town to see what jobs were available. They found that there were lots of offers to watch warehouse and security duty for merchants, but nothing that would turn a profit. One of the security jobs was to watch and care for some exotic animals that were to be fought during the games. They found out that exotic animals that could fight could be sold to the games for decent money. So again the group asked around town and at the Church of Ixion about any exotic animals sightings. The church explained that a creature had been attacking farmer’s livestock and fields and that the church would reward any information or disposal of said problem. They also discovered that the woods two days northwest of town was filled with lots of wild animals. The group decided that the best bet was to rest up and leave first thing in the morning for the forest to the northwest.
Sitting in the barroom of the inn, listening to Sandreus singing up on stage, catching up on what had transpired and the death of Slyver’s friend Drake at the hands of some Vecna worshiping cultists. The members of the party began to head back to their room to get some sleep and be ready for the trek to the northwestern forest. Rollo was the first to head off to his room. A few minutes after he left Rollo returned back to the room approached the innkeeper Tarquin and stabbed him in the chest with a dagger. Then he tried to make a run for the door. Surprisingly most of the group noticed Rollo’s strange behavior when he came downstairs and stabbed the innkeeper. So when he made his way for the door the group rushed towards the door and blocked his exit. After asking Rollo what he was doing and not getting a response they deemed acceptable Miles, Slyver, Septimius and Crag figured he was mind-controlled and preceded to subdue Rollo quickly. Sandreus quickly went to crowd control to draw their attention away from the Rollo mugging. Rollo dropped under the attacks and when he hit the floor he changed into a gray space alien looking creature. Checking his body they found a strange octopus looking key. Appius quickly attended the innkeeper and saved his life. Appius then decided to go upstairs and see if the real Rollo was still up there and alive. Knocking on his down a sleepy Rollo answered and was surprised to hear the story of his impersonator. The city watch came and asked a few questions and took the body away. Tarquin so happy to be saved he gave the adventures free stay at his inn for as long as they needed. Sandreus returned to singing and everyone settled back down as though nothing had happened.
The next morning on the way out of town the group asked a couple of question to the right people and found out the key design might have belong to a merchant named Sodden who owned some warehouses down by the docks. With this information stored in their heads they headed for the forest two days to the northwest. The first day out they ran into lots of farmers and merchants bring good and services to the Free City. By the second day they passes less and less people until they decided to leave the westbound trail and start heading north. The evening of the second day they hadn’t found any exotic creatures or even any tracks remotely interesting. During the night all their luck changed when they were beset upon by a group of six griffons. The griffons surrounded the group as the rose up from where they slept. Crag, Septimius, Miles, Slyver, and Sandreus each engaged a griffon in combat while Appius and Rollo fought the sixth one together. Crag and Septimius were able to drop theirs quickly and head over and help out Slyver and Appius. The last few griffons the adventures decided to try and subdue so they could take them back to the city. The group made quick work of the griffon, but not without a few injuries. The three they subdued the warriors tied up with the rope they had in their backpacks. The remaining three Appius went around and was able to save from dying and let the warriors know these griffons needed to be tied up as well. In the end all six griffons were tied up and subdued. But now came the problem, “How do we take all six griffons back to town since we have no horses, no cages, no wagons and the only thing securing the griffons was hemp rope.”


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