Monday, June 19, 2006

May 1st Session 19

May 1st Session 19
Diamond Lake
Under the Dourstone Mines and in Diamond Lake

Septimius Flavius Perfectus (Mike) Human Fighter-5
Rollo Mojo (Josh) Human Warlock-5
Sandreus III (Ben) Human Bard-4 Fighter-1
Appius Umbrius Laurentius (Michael) Human Cleric of Ixion-5
Miles O’Flannagan (Steve) Human Ranger-4
Crag Skullbugger (Greg) Dwarf Barbarian-4 (Resurrected)

Tiberius (Jeff) Human Scout-2 Fighter-1 (Deceased)
Shamus O’Flannagan (Steve) Human Ranger-3 (Deceased)
Kioska (Lewis) Human Druid-2 (Retired)
Primus Ironius Perfectus (Steve) Human Cleric-2 (Deceased)
Slyver (Mark) Human Rouge-2 (Retired)
Drake (Jeff) Human Rogue-2 (Deceased)
Agustus (Michael) Human Cleric-1 (Deceased)

With a restless night of sleep and knowing that something terrible was out there possibly waiting for them, the characters gather themselves up and set out for the unknown. Their first sign of the disturbance was the elevator room. The elevator itself was left shattered on the ground. The pool no longer contained the black oily substance they had noticed their previous passes. Rollo spider climbed to the top and tied a rope off for the rest of the party to climb. The next level up was the mines. Whatever it was that had destroyed the elevator room continued its destruction as it moved down the mine corridors. The group made its way to the staircase up to the level of the living quarters. This is where they witnessed the mass destruction of the creature. Most of the living quarters they could see where either destroyed or on fire. Miners were running around trying to put out fires or just trying to get away from the dangers. That was when the party glimpsed the cause of all the destruction, a ten-foot tall, powerfully built monster with six arms. It had a dull grey skin with bulging muscles that pulsed with arcane power. Luckily for the adventurers three of its arms, two on the left side and one on the right were missing hands. It still had its massive fangs and a gaunt skeletal face. Fortune was further with the party as they were able to attack it from behind. Septimius and Miles rushed forward, Sandreus and Appius sang and blessed to help out the party. Rollo fired his eldrich blast to try and weaken the beast. Their first round didn’t inflict as much damage as they had hoped. The beast roared and released a spiritual weapon upon Miles. The second round went better for the party but at the end of the round the beast roared and shimmered with arcane magic. The third round did little to no damage and the beast began to look stronger. Septimius had been taking the brunt of the damage with Appius doing his best to keep him healed. Over the next several rounds the beast began to show the wear of the constant assault the adventurers inflicted upon it. Finally the beast fell and none of the good guys fell. The group gather their items together and figured it might be best to make like the miners and head for the exits. They exited into the morning light for the first time in a week and for Allustans residence and explain all that had transpired over the last week. He took a great interest in all the information and told the group he would be in contact with them. The group choose to relax and enjoy themselves in town, each in their own way. Furthermore the red metal full palte they had special ordered was ready to be used. They spent the better part of a week identifing magic items and with Allustan’s help identifing most of the potions they had found. At the end of the week Allustan came to the party and asked them for a favor. He was going to Blackwall Keep to meet with a fellow wizard and discuss some of the information the group had discovered and see if she might be able to answer some of the questions he needed.


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