Friday, April 14, 2006

March 21st Session 14

March 21st Session 14
Diamond Lake
Under the Dourstone Mines

Septimius Flavius Perfectus (Mike) Human Fighter-3
Crag Skullbugger (Greg) Dwarf Barbarian-3
Rollo Mojo (Josh) Human Warlock-3
Sandreus III (Ben) Human Bard-3
Appius Umbrius Laurentius (Michael) Human Cleric-2
Tiberius (Jeff) Scout-2
Shamus (Steve) Ranger-2

Agustus (Michael)Human Cleric-1 (Deceased)
Drake (Jeff) Human Rogue-2 (Deceased)
Primus Ironius Perfectus (Steve) Human Cleric-2 (Deceased)
Kioska (Lewis) Human Druid-2 (Retired)
Slyver (Mark) Human Rouge-2 (Retired)

Having survived the night with no attacks and having healed their wounds as best they could the adventures decided it was time to finish exploring the rest of the temple of Orcus. Their first stop was the scene of the battle this time they took more time to explore the room. The second stop was beyond the door into the Chapel of Orcus. The night before all they had time to do was quickly explore the room and destroy the alter to Orcus. This time they found a door behind the tapestry they hadn’t seen the night before. The room they found was the bedchamber of the leader of the cleric of Orcus. Gathering all items of value they continued on through the door to a new area. The new area was the upstairs balcony looking down upon the room with the statue and sandy floor. They realized that this room was designed as a trap for anyone who entered into the room through the double doors on the ground level; the one they chose to bypass. The far end of the room also linked up with the staircase they had passed the day before. Feeling certain they had secured and eliminated the threat of the followers of Orcus they chose to head back to the elevator room.
Arriving at the elevator room they decided to explore the door with the symbol of Demogorgon. The door was locked and seemed to be made of stone. Remembering that they found a stone key, they opened the door and peered though. The winding natural tunnel before them led down onto the darkness. They pulled out their everburning torch and popped a sunrod and headed into the unknown. After traveling about 80 feet, they entered into a chamber filled with numerous stalactites and stalagmites. The ground was rough and difficult to cross. About half way across the room three muscular humanoids about as tall as a human with thick, gray, scaly skin and blank eyeless eye sockets leaped from their hiding positions and began throwing javelins. Crag and Septimius moved quickly and dispatched their enemies. After examining the bodies they also found a tunnel heading out the other side of the room. Continuing to drop further into the unknown they found another larger room. Again the room was filled with stalactites and stalagmites and lots of rubble on the ground making the ability to walk across the room difficult. This time several members heard the creatures before they saw them. Two creatures sprang to action and quickly moved into combat. These creatures seemed to combine the worst features of a wolf and a hyena; it had a shaggy coat, a bristling mane along its spine, and a long, bushy tail. Behind the two dog-like creatures was their master, another eyeless warrior. The battle was fierce, but the adventures prevailed over the two beast and engaged the beast’s master. He proved to be a better warrior and the first humanoids they met, but the adventures overwhelmed him with their pure numbers. Unlike the last chamber this room didn’t have a tunnel leading out of the room, it end at a cliff that dropped away into the darkness below. Upon further inspection the group found spikes hammered into the cliff face in the form of a makeshift staircase. Septimius, Crag, Appius and Sandreus started heading down and Rollo chose to use his spider climb ability and explore a small ledge across the chasm by scuttling around the side of the chasm. At the top of the cliff Shamus and Tiberius continued to look for anything out of the ordinary. What none of the adventures saw was two more or the eyeless humanoids pop-up from the ledge, one fired a bow at Tiberius and the other threw a bag a Sandreus just missing him at the top of the spike staircase. The adventure prepared themselves for combat and readied their attacks …


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