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February 21st Session 11

February 21th Session 11
Diamond Lake
The group took some much-needed rest after very nearly meeting their deaths at the hands of some tough kidnappers. Most of the guys went to hang out at their favorite places and fell into routine. Septimius most spent his time alone following the death of his younger brother, Primus. The group pooled what little money they had to buy some pearls from Tidwoad, the jeweler, and struck a deal to purchase the elven armband that they suspected Drake sold without their knowledge. With some time off and the pearls Sandreus was able to identify several magic items the group had acquired. Sandreus identified a magical Circlet of Wisdom, Wands of Unseen Servant, Shatter and Ray of Enfeeblement, Cloak of Protection, Amulet of Natural Armor and a Pearl of Power. Each of the items was given to an appropriate character as they were identified.
After a week of lounging around the group received an invitation to have a casual dress dinner with Balabar Smenk in two days time at his mansion. They group dresses up in their finest except for Rollo who choose his fancy leather armor over his patched and dirty daily clothing. They arrived and were not stopped by the guards assigned to walk the perimeter. At the door the man with the white gloves, Mr. Felix, received them. They were escorted into the sitting room where they were given the choice of drinks they wanted and asked to wait as Mr. Smenk would be out shortly. Five minutes later Balabar Smenk arrived and introduced himself and exchanged polite pleasantries with the party. Several of the adventures wanted to know what Smenk wanted with them. Balabar explained, “All in good time, but lets have dinner first.” Dinner was severed in the dining room. They were first served soup and a salad. The next course was squab with potatoes and vegetables. Dessert was a rich chocolate cake-like delicacy.
After dinner Balabar invited all of his guest to the sitting room, offered them brandy and cigars, explained he would answer all of their questions they had and more. He explained that, yes Kellen and friends did work for him and was assigned to Filge to do “whatever he asked”. Also Balabar had the charges of murder dropped against the party. It was at this time Balabar explined he was in need of a favor for both him and the good of the town.
Some time ago Balabar was asked by Ragnolan Dourstone, another mine owner, to help supply food to some individuals who where living under the Dourstone mines. Balabar agreed and was invited to see the temple under the mine. What Smenk saw shock and scared him. There was a black pools of liquid being worshiped by some group of black cloaked creature the might have been bird like but he wasn’t sure. He was take to a man know only as the “faceless one”. Not that he could tell he wore a steel mask over his face and talked with a lisp. While in the temple and surrounding living quarters Smenk was able to acquire the green worm that the adventures now have in their possession. In an effort to try and get out of the deal he raised his prices and sent some questionable supplies. The next day the head of his mine foreman was in his bed when he awoke in the morning. If they could get into his room undetected then they could have killed him. What he proposed was the adventurers eliminate the cultists under the mine and he would give them 500gp and any supplies they might need. One more detail was that they were not to mention Balabar Smenks involvement with their mission. Smenk gave a detailed description of where to find the passageway to the elevator down to the temple.
The group planed and came up with a plan involving six members hiring on as workers and Septimius with most of the gear would be dimension door, by Allustan, to a safe location after Allustan scryed to make sure that no one else was around. Sandreus hid out in the outhouse and signaled with a cloth tied around his arm that all was clear. Septimus arrived and brought all of the weapons and armor that might have stopped mine foreman from hiring the adventures. The group equipped and made their way to the abandon passageway leading to the elevator. They took the elevator down and met two guards who …


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