Sunday, March 12, 2006

February 28th Session 12

February 28th Session 12
Diamond Lake
Under the Dourstone Mines

The two guards at the bottom of the elevator took notice of the group coming down. One walked over and realized he didn’t recognize any one. Asking, “Who are you guys?” the group didn’t answer to the satisfaction of the guard, “Stay here while I get me boss”. Septimius decided it was time to react with a slash from his mighty blade the guard was severely wounded. The rest of the party was quick finishing the first guard and blocking the second guard from running down the hallway he was guarding. The frightened guard made one last feeble attempt to inflict some damage before he was hacked to bloody chunks and left for dead. Even though there were three doors to choose from the group decided to go through the one the guards were guarding. Finding no traps they opened the door to see a room with dozens of suits of armor with bells attacked. Assuming this was a practice ground for thieves to learn how to pick pockets they enter the room. To their surprise eight suits of armor and their undead occupants moved forward to attack with their bells ring the whole time. Two of the skeletons smashed Septimus with their maces before Appius called upon the Light of Ixion to send the undead back to the land of the permanently dead. Evaluating the armor as junk several members of the group heard some noises coming from behind the door on the left of where they entered the room. They prepared for combat and opened the door to see eight humans with long spears preparing to enter the room the group had just vacated. It was a quick battle as the group acted quickly and decisively dropping cultist to the right and left. Everything was going swimmingly until one cultist caught Crag with the end of his spear inflicting a major wound upon the barbarian. At the conclusion of the battle Rollo, Sandreus and Tiberius who had remained in the armored skeletons room found themselves in complete darkness. The three rushed to the room with their friends and luckily found the door. Seamus the ranger shut the door and the group readied themselves for an attack. For several minutes all was quiet then they heard some feral snuffing getting closer with every second. Soon they knew the creature was on the other side of the door, so they continued to wait. The door open and Rollo and Tiberius shot the doorman as the rest of the party saw the biggest boar they had ever seen come rushing down the hallway. Luckily for the party the hallway was almost to small for the boar and it had to struggle to get into the room. The group took advantage of the situation Crag raged, Sandreus sang, Rollo and Tiberius fired their ranged attacks Septimius, Crag, Seamus and Appius beat the boar down with well placed and devastating attacks. The battle was short and successful Septimius was the first to exit the room and was fired upon by two more guards standing in the hallway the group hadn’t explored as of yet. Rollo and Tiberius fired shots and dropped the previously wounded doorman as the other was hit by a couple of swords. The second guard made a run for it straight down the hall towards the double doors. He was able to open the first when Rollo and Tiberius successfully inflicted massive ranged damage to end his evil life. The group moved down to the door and pulled the body back into the hall, rifled through his pockets and peeked into the room. They could see the bottom of a huge statue and they noticed that the floor was completely covered with sand.


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