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December 5th Session 1

December 5th Session 1
Abandon Farm: 10 miles outside of Diamond Lake
As prearranged by the Perfectus brothers several member of the Diamond Lake community, who should some promise as hardy souls and the itch to try the adventuring life, began arriving at an abandon mine office. First to arrive was Septimius, a large sword-wielding warrior, as it was his plan to start adventuring to try to make some money. Second to arrive was a nature man and his wolf from the Bronzewood Lodge. He answered to the name of Kioska and his wolf was called Frylock. Kioska claimed he was invited by a dwarf named Crag. Shortly after three more member of the new group arrived from Diamond Lake. Agustus, a cleric of Ixion stationed at the Chapel of Thor, Sandreus II a man with a thousand different singing voices, and Drake a tough local kid with a knack for getting people to give him money. After introduction were complete Septimius’s younger brother, Primus, arrived. The next to last to arrive was Rollo Mojo a man with an unusual talent to fire a force from his to hands. Last came the only non-human of the new group a fierce dwarf named Crag.

Only ten minutes away was a cairn known as the Whispering Cairn. The name came from the unusual whistling sound that could be heard inside of the cairn. The band of adventures ready to strike it rich set forth inside the cairn. After exploring a few rooms and not finding much the group encountered a group of three wolves. The wolves came up from behind when the group was examining a mosaic on a wall of an alcove. Luckily the bard heard something coming from behind and alerted the party. Crag looking for a chance to swing his large blade charge forward stepping in front of Rollo and Sandreus. The brothers were the next to charge into combat to engage the wolves. The group quickly dispatched the two smaller wolves, but the larger wolf backed up over a pile of stones beneath the cave-in. Septimius crawled forward to engage the wolf followed shortly by Crag and Primus. The three eventually defeated the wolf with some mild injures. The group decided to head back to the lodging for the night to rest and heal up to reconvene again the next morning to explore further into the cairn.

The next day fully healed the group pushed on further into the cairn. They arrived in a huge room with seven alcoves and a huge sarcophagus in the center of the room. They proceeded to explore the alcove and see what they might discover. There were several lanterns of different colors hanging in each of the alcoves. They quickly deduced that the color scheme match the colors of the rainbow Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. They didn’t find anything interesting until they explored the blue alcove and noticed that they could see the top of the alcove. Upon further exploration they found a tunnel leading further into the cairn about 50 feet above the alcove. The group decided to explore the tunnel. They quickly encounter a face that flashed several colors and began blowing a strong wind back out the tunnel. They two brothers became fascinated by the flashing colors and stood continuing to watch as the wind steadily continued to blow. The warlock closest to the face dropped to ground to try and avoid the wind. The thief and cleric were the first to the edge. Looking behind them they saw several of the members of the group tumbling towards them. Agustus choice to take his chance and make a leap for the chain hanging about 8 feet in front of him. Drake decided to tie himself to the rope and try and grab the first person to come rolling by him. Agustus made a leap for the chain and caught hold of the chain, but or only a moment before he lost his grip and plummeted 50 feet to the ground land hard. Septimius have regained his senses was just able to stop himself from tumbling off the edge. The bard Sandreus grabbed Primus who had also come to his senses and tied him off to himself. Kioska and Crag decided to get to the edge before it was to late. Second to jump was Septimius who caught and held onto the chain. Septimius was followed by Kioska and Crag who were also able to grab hold of the chain without following. Unfortunately down below Agustus took his last shallow breath and left the land of the living. Above Drake helped Sandreus and Primus stop from rolling off the edge and make the leap safely to the chain. All that left in the tunnel was Rollo was beginning to tumble dangerous toward the cliff edge. At the edge Drake helped Rollo to stop rolling and make a leap for the chain. Drake missed the chain and began falling to his death. As Drake was falling Primus tried to catch him as he passed although Primus couldn’t catch Rollo he did help him by slowing his fall. Rollo landed hard but luckily he survived the fall and was stabilized by Kioska who was to lend assistant to Rollo quickly.

The group gathered the fallen comrade and took him back to town. Septimius took the responsibility to take Agustus to the temple and explain how he had fallen to his death. The rest of the group agreed to go back to the cairn in a couple of days and continue to explore the cairn.


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