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February 7th, Session 10

February 7th Session 10
Diamond Lake
The group enjoying some hard-earned time off was hanging out at all their favorite places. Perfectus brothers, Tiberius and Appius at the garrison, Rollo and the new bouncer Crag at The Feral Dog and Sandreus III at the Able Carter Inn. One night while finishing his last set a grizzled miner, named Gulmber Hunder, came into the inn looking for Sandreus and friends for a special job. He needed the group to meet at Tilgast estate as soon as possible. Within an hour Sandreus had the group gathered up and heading for the Tilgast manor. The were greeted by Hunder at the door and shown to the waiting room. It was then that they met Gelch Tilgast and Terris Culvert. They were told the Culverts two sons and two of their friends left for a night on the town eight hours earlier and no one could find them. They had been to The Hungry Gar, Lazare’s House, The Spinning Giant and possibly The Feral Dog. The last place they had been seen was at The Spinning Giant.
The group headed out to The Spinning Giant. The bartender, Nimiscent, remembered the boys and said “Primmith served ‘em”. Asking Primmith about the boys and giving her a gold piece she recalled that the four foppish boys had been in the bar, but had left after one round and that a miner and his friends had left with them. Primmith didn’t remember his name, but she pointed to a soldier and said he might know the miner. The soldier, Jerch Molownt, after receiving a free beer from the party told the group the miners name was Thurbiss Callahorn and that Jerch and some soldier stopped Thurbiss from beating his up his girlfriend over at The Hungry Gar.
Next stop The Hungry Gar. Upon arrival they noticed that the light were still on, but the door was locked. They knock and the cook came out asking if they were the cleric from the temple. He explained that one of the waitresses, L’weeze, had been beaten up and left unconscious out back by the garbage. The cook had sent one of the bus boys to get a healer to help her. Appius healed the girl and asked who did this to her. Initially, she was reluctant to say, but with some proper diplomacy they were able to find out her ex-boyfriend Thurbiss asked her about a group of boys eating dinner. L’weeze refused to help him figuring he was up to no good. Thurbiss waited until closing then beat her up and took all her money including the 5 gp tip from the boys. She also told the party that the Thurbiss and his gang have a shack were they usually stay hang out.
A rather large, but run-down L-shaped shed. A single, smashed rear window is boarded up. The rotting wooden walls seem to have been insulated with a combination of mud, dried grass and rags. The roof looks suspect; a canvass sheet stretched across a hole that might either serve as a chimney or has just rotted through. Crag decided not to wait around and charged the door. He busted right through, but in doing so released a flock of stirges. The battle was over quickly, but Sandreus has been bitten and was feeling a little weak. While exploring the shed Tiberius discovered several green piece of a silk shirt that had been cut off with some kind of knife. Deciding to follow the green shirted trail they ended up at a nice manor.
Check the front and back doors they discovered neither was trapped, but both were locked. Tiberius was able to unlock the back door, so the party crept into the house using the light from a bull’s-eye lantern. They entered the kitchen, dining door and living room and found nobody. There was a door leading to the back of the house. They opened the door revealing a long hallway with two doors. One went to the bathroom, the other lead to the bedroom. In the bedroom they found an old man asleep in his bed. They woke him up and questioned him about Thurbiss and the boys. The old man admitted that they had been there and asked him to write a letter for them. He also recalled that they said that they were heading to Dead Hole, an abandon mine.
Standing outside Dead Hole the group could see nothing as the mine curved slowly to the left. Tiberius snuck ahead and investigated the mine. The rest of the party “quietly” moved into the mine. Crag and Tiberius discovered that the far wall about 100 feet into the mine was a fake wall and that there was a moaning sound coming from the other side. Tiberius snuck all the way to the “wall” as the rest of the adventures tried to quietly approach. Tiberius heard some whispers and some movement and then nothing. Tiberius pulled down the heavy canvas to reveal a large room with 5 armed men and 4 tied up boys.
Tiberius fired at Thurbiss and moved back towards the party. Thurbiss charged up and severally wounded Primus nearly dropping him. Gulgh changed up and critically hit and dropped Septimius in one hit. Primus stayed in combat after receiving a healing spell and began working on Thurbiss. The next attack Gulgh critically hit Crag and dropped him. Brakk used his Glaive and Thurbuss used his Longsword to continue to beat drop Primus. Sherkel tumbled behind Sandreus and sneak attacked him dropping him. Unfortunately Sherkel paid a dear price as Appius finished him off. The ranged warriors of Rollo and Tiberius worked on taking down Gulgh as Gerzy fired on Rollo and Tiberius. Eventually the continued assault of Thurbiss and Brakk was to much for Primus and he fell unconscious from too many wound and died. Appius was in the wrong position even though Gulgh had fallen he did his best against Thurbiss and Brakk. From out of nowhere came a warrior, a spellcaster and Tirra a friend of Sandreus III fron the Feral Dog. The warrior Auric rushed forward to engage Thurbiss and Brakk. Khellek used his healing ability to help stabilize Appius, Crag, and Septimius. Auric engaged Thurbiss and Brakk the battle inflicted heavy damage to both sides until both Thurbiss and Auric both fell. The combined forces of Rollo and Tiberius finally dropped Gerzy. Tirra stepped up and engaged Brakk again lots of damage, but in the end Tirra emerged victorious. Khellek help Auric back to his feet. The heroes claimed the Mithral Chain Shirt and the four boys as their victory price and left the battered and beaten group with the rest of the treasure. The battle might have been a victory, but the loss of Primus weighed heavily on the party especially his brother Septimius.


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