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January 31st Session 9

January 31st Session 9
Diamond Lake
Having laid the bones of Alastor Land with the recovered remains of his family the adventurers were ready to head back to the Whispering Cairn and see if Alastor upheld his end of the bargain. If all went as it was suppose to then Alastor had opened the door to the final tomb. Off went Primus and Septimius Perfectus, Rollo Mojo, Crag Skullbugger, Appius, Sandreus III, Slyver and Tiberius. The made it easily up to and through the face and was only slowed down by the Iron Ball trap. They looked across the wooden beam and gained their first look at the True Tomb. They lower themselves down onto the balls and walked across and climbed up the wall on the other side. Upon enter the room’s outer ring they saw two Wind Warriors exit from the pillar of wind in the center of room. The warriors caught the group flat-footed and flew over the darkened pit banging their swords together and wracking the party with a sonic blast that left all but Tiberius and Rollo sorely injured. Crag in a berserker rage and Septimus with his great flail stepped up to send the wind warriors back to their home plane. The battle was fierce as the Crag and Septimus both concentrated their attacks upon the wind warrior on the right. Although the wind warrior in front of Crag swung wildly the damaged wind warrior extracted a heavy price upon Septimius. The next round the fighter and barbarian made their attack and decided to step back and let another one of the fighters step up and inflict some damage. Although both Rollo and Tiberius pelted the damaged warrior with ranged attacks he and his fellow wind warrior were able to launch more sonic blast from their swords. This time the group was not as lucky as Appius, Primus and Sandreus fell from the damage and lay dying on the outer ring. Septimius passed his healing potion to Crag who was nearly unconscious from his wounds, although Septimius was severally wounded himself he stepped up and engaged the severally wounded wind warrior hitting with all his remaining strength. Crag after having drunk the healing potion stepped back into the combat and finally finished off the damaged wind warrior. Luck remained with the barbarian and fighter as the last remain wind warrior missed his intended target. Meanwhile Slyver was somehow able to save Appius as his life teetered on the brink of death. Slyver was also able to stabilize both Sandreus and Primus as well. It was then that the immortals were with our brave adventurers first Septimus severely wounded the last wind warrior and sensing victory Crag swung his axe and dropped the wind warrior with a powerful attack. Gathering up their three fallen comrade the group decided it would be best to make camp just past the Wind Face. The group was able to revive the comrades enough that they could all head back to rest for an extra day of healing before heading back into the final tomb.

The following day the adventures again enter the True Tomb. They examine the wind murals and decided to investigate the pillar of air. Final Appius and Slyver stepped into the pillar of wind and were blown up into the True Tomb. When the rest of the party arrived they began to investigate the room when the bas-relief animated and asked the group to “Speak my name”. After a couple of bad guess they finally spoke the name of Zosiel. The sarcophagus lit up in a bright blue light and a seam appeared. The warriors bravely stepped up and removed the lid revealing a Circlet, a damaged pewter box and two black horns with red tips. They gathered their treasure and decided to head back to town.
They first stop was Allustan who told them he would have some information about their strange red metal the next day and to come and see him in the morning. Sandreus decided to go and sing at the Able Carter Inn, Rollo and Crag decided to go to the Feral Dog. The rest of the party went to their lodgings at the garrison. Early in the evening Sheriff Cubbin, Deputy Jamis, eight men in heavy armor and two men in robes arrested Sandreus at the Able Carter. Shortly after their visit to the Able Carter the posse arrested Kioska at the emporium after a brief altercation. Next stop was the Feral Dog to arrest Crag and Rollo. Although there was no physical harm inflicted on either side the posse were able to take Rollo and Crag into justice at the constable’s office. For the rest of the night the four men were interrogated about their involvement in the murder of Kullen and his band of thugs. Although the sheriff seemed to know all the details he continued to ask for information. In the morning a man, wearing white gloves, arrived and upset Sheriff Cubbin, Cubbin was yelling at the man but in the end he released the four detainees. While in jail Cubbin and Rollo worked out a blackmail scheme to make some quick money off of Balabar Smenk. The rest of the party arrived at Allustan’s and discovered three of their brethren were missing. Investigating the Able Carter they discovered Sandreus was arrested, but all his stuff was still in his room. They grabbed the pewter box and went back to Allustan and opened it in front of him. What they found in the box was a talisman of the spheres. While investigating their new discovery the rest of the group arrived and explained how they were arrested during the night and question. They explained how a man with white gloves who works for Balabar Smenk convinced the Sheriff to release them.


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