Friday, April 14, 2006

March 28th Session 15

March 28th Session 15
Diamond Lake
Under the Dourstone Mines

Septimius Flavius Perfectus (Mike) Human Fighter-3
Crag Skullbugger (Greg) Dwarf Barbarian-3
Rollo Mojo (Josh) Human Warlock-3
Sandreus III (Ben) Human Bard-3
Appius Umbrius Laurentius (Michael) Human Cleric-2
Tiberius (Jeff) Scout-2
Shamus (Steve) Ranger-2

Agustus (Michael)Human Cleric-1 (Deceased)
Drake (Jeff) Human Rogue-2 (Deceased)
Primus Ironius Perfectus (Steve) Human Cleric-2 (Deceased)
Kioska (Lewis) Human Druid-2 (Retired)
Slyver (Mark) Human Rouge-2 (Retired)

Rollo held his position on the wall and used his eldritch blast on the two eyeless archers. Sandreus climbed back up the stairs to the top of the cliff. Tiberius and Shamus fired at the archers, but found it difficult to hit the shooters because of the rocks they were hiding behind. Since Crag and Septimius couldn’t pass anyone on the stairs they chose to try and fire their weapons from the stairs at the archers. The archers switched tactics. This time one threw a tanglefoot bag at Rollo hoping to stick Rollo in place so he couldn’t keep shooting the archers and the second archer took shots at Tiberius. The battle continued for one more round when Septimius trying to fire his crossbow slipped and fell 35 feet to the hard rocks below. Rollo continued firing on the archers was hitting fairly consistently Shamus and Tiberius had a harder time hitting the archers. Sandreus was inspirationally singing motivating the adventurers. Septimius stood up, but couldn’t see anything without a light source, but could hear something large slither towards him. The attack was just as much of a surprise as the tentacled arm that smashed Septimius. Crag began to climb down the makeshift stairs as quickly and safely as possible. Rollo, Tiberius and Shamus continued to fire on the archers. Appius put his weapon away and tried to throw his continual flame torch up to the three archers. Unfortunately, he came up a little short as the torch clipped the edge of the cliff and fell down to the happy Septimius, who now saw a bloated ovoid covered creature with rocklike skin with two stalks about 3 feet long rising from the top of its disgusting body that contained two large eyes. Its mouth little more than a wide gaping hole was filled with razor-sharp teeth. The battle was on, Septimius vs. the Otyugh. Meanwhile, Rollo, Tiberius, Sandreus and Shamus finally finished off one of the archers as the other continued firing mostly at Tiberius. Appius cracked a sunrod and this time successfully tossed the sunrod up to his comrades, jumped off the stairs and floated down with his ring of feather fall behind Crag and Septimius, who were now in combat with the Otyugh and two more Otyughs that were rapidly approaching. The adventures continued to pelt the remaining archer who was force to gulp down a couple of potions to try and stay alive. Crag and Septimius with healing support from Appius were able to annihilate the three Otyughs without sustaining any major injuries. As for the poor archer seeing that his situation appear hopeless tried to make a “run” for as he climbed out from his cover and tried to climb down an unseen spike staircase. No sooner than he stuck his head out Tiberius nailed him with a nasty shot and the poor dying archer fell to a permanent dead just missing Appius as he landed hard.
Rollo continued to spider-walk over to the ledge and inventory everything that was worth a damn. He followed a set of stairs down to a cave opening and invited his fellow adventures to come on up and check it out. The three adventures at the top of the cliff climbed down to meet with the slayers of the Otyughs. Luckily, one of the things Rollo found was a coil of rope, which he tired off and lowered down to his comrades. Crag was up first, followed by Septimius, and Appius. Unfortunately Rollo never heard the massive female warrior who slashed Rollo several with her two daggers nearly killing him. Rollo did his best to fight the wild woman off as his allies climbed the 30 foot of rope as quick as the could. Rollo dropped, not dead, but dying rapidly, as the raging woman proceeded to cut the rope holding the rescuers. With the rope cut, Crag through sheer will caught hold of the cliff edge while for the second time Septimius fell hard on the rocks below and Appius gently floated safely back to the ground. Crag pulled himself up the cliff and the sightless female barbarian slashed viciously and successfully at Crag. Crag landed in a few good shots of his own, but was unable to defeat the female and fell to her quick and deadly attacks. Meanwhile for a brief moment the stranded companions got a couple of shots off at the female barbarian while she battle Crag, she eventually move away from the edge so they couldn’t see her. Thinking quickly Appius started climbing the staircase once again trying to get as high up the spikes as he could. Appius, seeing Crag fall, and not being as high as would have preferred leaped from the staircase and cast an area healing spell that healed and stabilized Crag and raised Rollo back to consciousness, but only barely (1 hp). Appius once again gently floated safely back down to the cavern floor. Rollo bravely waited as the female barbarian reached over to search and chuck Crags limp body over the edge and blasted her with his eldritch blast hoping it would kill her. She took the hit and turned to Rollo and with her last action of her life stabbed Rollo again leaving him to die as she collapsed and began dying herself. With no way to reach Rollo and Crag and with Rollo breeding out it looked like Rollo gave up his life to save Crag and possibly others. It was at this time a miracle occurred Rollo actually stabilized on his own and didn’t die. Appius was finally able to climb to the top of the cliff and leap across the span and gently land nest to Rollo and Crag, whom he healed and helped down to the cavern floor. Spent and wounded the party decided maybe they should go back to the room in the temple of Orcus they spent the previous night and heal up as best they can and rest. And so they did.


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