Monday, December 26, 2005

Background for Drake

Drake was your typical street kid. In Diamond Lake who wasn’t? Growing up alone in Diamond Lake you either end up in the mines or you find a way to get out of town. Drake tried his hand at performing tumbling feat and acts at the Emporium, but Zalamander caught him “borrowing” some money from the customers. She took all of Drake’s money and had one of toughs rough Drake up and toss him out on his butt. Zalamander warned Drake not to ever come back to the Emporium or he wouldn’t be able to walk away the next time. Vowing to not end up working in the mines Drake came up with some scams that the dumb miners would fall for. Drake found the Feral Dog to be the best place to run these scams and was able to squeak out a rough living. If Drake needed a quick score he’d “borrow” money from patrons who frequented the Able Carter Coaching Inn and Lazare’s House. Drake new better than to try anything at The Spinning Giant as the soldiers distributed their own brand of justice. One night Drake’s luck went against him and a merchant happened to miraculously catch Drake with his hand in the kitty. The man turned him over to the authorities and Drake knew this would be the end of his days of freedom. To his surprise the Sheriff Cubbin asked how much money could Drake come up with. Satisfied with the answer Cubbin had one of deputy escort Drake to his money and for the hefty price Drake was a free man again, much to his surprise. Unfortunately most every time any of the deputies saw Drake they arrested him on real or trumped up charges. They usually would confiscate all his money he could come up with and if not satisfied they would lay a beating on him and told him to work harder or next time or it will be worse. Quickly Drake learned how to disguise himself; soon the deputies would walk right past him and not recognize him.
One night at the Feral Dog a young man was scamming a couple miner of their copper. Drake watched this man he was good, but what he needed was partner. Drake stepped up to help out this new man and they connected. The two miners had no idea what hit them. When Drake and his new friend were done they had made about a gold and the two miners though they came out ahead. Drake learned the name of the man was Rollo. So was born the partnership of Rollo and Drake.Rollo and Drake didn’t make a lot of friends, but they did make a lot of money. One of the people they did befriend was a singer who sang cool harsh sounding songs and would watch their backs if any trouble was coming. Another friend they made was a crazy dwarven warrior would was unpredictable and provided lots of distractions whenever he was around. It was this very dwarf that presented Rollo and Drake a chance to go adventuring and make enough money that they might be able to take their two-man team on the road. All they had to do was meet at an abandoned mine office a little ways outside of town in a couple days.


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We killed 'im for ya Drake! Rollo led the way, with me at his back! I'll toast your memory as I drink from Kullen's empty skull! Rest easy...

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