Monday, December 26, 2005

Background for Sandreus III

Sandreus left home at sixteen to make a name for himself. Sandreus could do just about anything that was presented to him. What made him happiest was singing. So Sandreus would sing wherever he could find work. He was good he could sing the great ballad and a few of his own. But there was something that always bothered Sandreus. For the longest time he couldn’t put his finger on it. One night he was listening to a beautiful elven female bard much like himself. Sandreus then realized what it was that he had been missing in his singing. The woman sang in Elven, then Common and finally in Celestial. It was the fact that she could express herself in three different languages that caught his attention. So began Sandreus’s quest to learn as many languages as he could. With as deep a voice as Sandreus had, he found that he sounded best when his music had a harsh sound to it. The first languages he learned were Infernal, Abyssal, Draconic and Terran. These languages gave his music a hard edge that people found both different and frightening. All was going well until one night in Newkirk a someone informed the crowd that some of his music was Infernal and Abyssal and claimed that he was trying to charm the crowd to perform evil acts. Sandreus found that no one would hire him in town and he was forced to leave. Sandreus traveled to a few of the smaller towns, but couldn’t get the same following as he did in Newkirk. One night while traveling alone he was set upon by a group of orcs. Only through sheer luck did he escape with his life. Arriving safely in Diamond Lake he vowed to never travel alone again. Sandreus found work at the Feral Dog although it wasn’t much he could survive. It seemed the crowd enjoyed the dogfight more than the singing. So he used to music to excite the crowd and amplify the violence of the dog fights. As luck would have it he fell into an opportunity to play at the Able Carter Coaching Inn. Somehow the people there loved his music and Able Carter himself offered Sandreus a somewhat regular gig.
Sandreus still played the Feral Dog. It was at the Feral Dog he met a couple of seedy guys. These guys worked as team pull cons and scams on just about anybody. The nice thing about these guys they liked good music. Sandreus learned these two were Rollo and Drake and that they tipped well if Sandreus would alert them if he saw something bad about to go down. With a couple of favors for the boys they were very grateful for Sandrus’s help.One night at the Feral Dog Rollo and Drake proposed an opportunity to go adventuring with the two of them and some other guys they had meet. They figured since he had been such a lucky charm for them that they would like him to come along. This would also be a good opportunity to meet some real life heroes and write an epic of their amazing feats or maybe just something fun to do.


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