Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Background of Appius

Appius has been a ward of the Church of Ixion in Newkirk since he was a small child. He has been brought up on the teaching of Ixion. Appius has worked his way through the church starting as an alter boy up to his current station of Acolyte. Appius is highly respected among the clergy for his effort to get every detail correct. When he was called into the high clerics, Janus Kinsley, office for an urgently important meeting he knew something was up. Kinsley explained that a fellow member that showed some promise was sent to the rough town of Diamond Lake to try and start a new following of the teachings of Ixion. He had been there for roughly a year and described the town as a two-religion town. Those who followed Thor, mostly the garrison and some locals, and an extremist group who worshiped Petra. Agustus said he had an idea to raise some money to help start a church dedicated to Ixion. He was going to join up with a group of adventures and explore some local Cairns. That was the last letter we received until Velias Childman sent a letter explaining the Agustus had fallen to his death while adventuring with the group of men. Velias said two of the men worked at the garrison as stable boys and were good men. Their names are Septimius and Primus Perfectus they explained that they encounter a wind trap and that Agustus jumped to a chain for safety missed the chain and fell to his death. They brought the body back for proper burial, but the strange thing is that all his items, money and armor were gone.
Velius Childman explained that he wants you, Appius, to investigate the possible murder of Agustus. Check out the background of the members of the adventures and see if you can deduce who would want Agustus killed and what their motivation was. If it had been an accident the appropriate thing to do was to return the body and all his belongings. Something is going on in Diamond Lake we want you to investigate this crime. Infiltrate the group of adventurers, but watch your back. Send us reports of what you discover. If you do find out it was murder let us know immediately so we can send help to you to arrest the guilty and have them brought back to Newkirk. Be careful rumors have it that the local law enforcement is corrupt. If you need help go through Velius he is a trustworthy man. As for my speculation I would look into the extremist group that follows Petra. It would not surprise me that they may not have wanted a new religion cutting into their following of Petra. Might also be a good idea to find out if any of the adventures are followers of Petra, be careful they might lie about be members. We also want you to continue Agustus’ mission to start a new church of Ixion in Diamond Lake. Good Luck, and may the light of Ixion guide your way.


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